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Ponte da Arrábida
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     Located in Oporto, Alto – Perfis Pultrudidos, Lda, manages its production on composite materials area, where is specialist on pultrusion processes manufactory, manual moulding, VARTM, infusion, moulding by contact and resin projection.

Empresa apoiada pelo Norte 2020
Platforms for swimming pools
ALTO developed for the company Conbego - Unipessoal, Lda, for their brand Be-on-Sport, a removable platform for public swimming pool depth reduction...
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Rehabilitation of Buildings
ALTO Perfis Pultrudidos, Lda has invested on rehabilitation of buildings with the implementation of solutions in pultruded profiles...
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Selected Residues Depots
Recently ALTO Perfis Pultrudidos, Lda collaborated with the company Inframoura , E.M. in the development and production of ...
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Pultruded Profiles
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