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Platforms for swimming pools
ALTO developed for the company Conbego - Unipessoal, Lda, for their brand Be-on-Sport, a removable platform for public swimming pool depth reduction...
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Rehabilitation of Buildings
ALTO Perfis Pultrudidos, Lda has invested on rehabilitation of buildings with the implementation of solutions in pultruded profiles...
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Sanitation Cap
 To face the growing increase in the theft of sanitation caps in cast iron and following several requests from entities ...
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Pedestrian Bridge - PONTALUMIS Project and H 400x200x15mm Profile
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Islamic Artefact - Castle of S. Jorge
In partnership with the company NORCAM-Engenharia e Design Industrial, Lda, ALTO has developed a support for an artefact ...
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Valve Box doors
 ALTO developed doors, in glass fiber reinforced plastic for box valves installed on the public way...
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Selective Residues Depots
Recently ALTO Perfis Pultrudidos, Lda., collaborated with Inframoura, E.M. in the development and production for selective residues depots...
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Barchetta on WTCC
ALTO was present in WTCC (World Touring Car Championship) in Oporto...
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Tektonica/FIL 2011
We have the pleasure to announce that this year we will be present again in Tektónica Fair...
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Retake of the production of X-box’s
Since the beginning of the year of 2011, we retook the production of X-box...
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Selected Residues Depots
Recently ALTO Perfis Pultrudidos, Lda collaborated with the company Inframoura , E.M. in the development and production of ...
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Website renewal

It is with great pleasure that we let out our new website . . .

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Rehabilitation of Buildings
         ALTO Perfis Pultrudidos, Lda has invested on rehabilitation of buildings with the implementation of solutions in pultruded profiles. The need for lightweight materials (about 1/4 of the weight of the steel and 2/3 of the weight of aluminum) for application on old housing structures is a requirement of this type of market and pultruded profiles are a good alternative, combined with its high durability and natural resistance to "silkworm wood". The way of handling, without need for lifting equipment and the ease of working this type of material, which can be cut and drilled on site presents a great flexibility in mounting.
         As the latest example of the application of these materials in the rehabilitation of buildings, we have the last floor of a building on Avenida García Barbón, Vigo, Spain, where we rehabilitate the entire structure from the ground and roof support, renewing the structure while maintaining the original aspect of the building, contributing to the maintenance of heritage. Given the high length from bottom to the roof, we made an intermediate floor (mezzanine) based on the structure of pultruded profiles that support the roof.
         In this rehabilitation, there was a need to avoid disturbing the downstairs neighbor and not have to remove the cover. Thus, the combination of the existing wooden structure with pultruded profiles. On the ground, was taken off all over the floor, leaving the wooden beams that support the ceiling of the downstairs neighbor and these were strengthened with U 200x60x8mm pultruded profiles. 
         So that we don't have to remove the roof were only reinforced the pairs of beams that were more decayed and were also reinforced with U 200x60x8mm profiles. For placement of the mezzanine, it was necessary a beam to cover the length of about 8.50 meters. Unable to put any beam, not to reduce the height it was necessary to devise a solution that would allow increasing the inertia of beam to support the loads imposed.
         Given the impossibility of placing of materials inside the building, for lack of space, these were placed with the aid of a crane that introduced in housing through the window, and the entire assembly is made with human strength.
        This strong commitment to the modernization and improvement of building structures where if you intend to keep the originality and initial aspect, thus preserving the historical and cultural heritage of the cities.
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